Old Vintage or new modern rugs are process colored by hand to re-invent a design statement thru the power of color. Becoming a unique and whimsical piece of art.

into an eye catching modern rug.

Vintage rugs were first neutralized and then over-dyed. The process is done by hand to reinvent imperfect, vintage carpets through the power of color. The outcome were unexpectedly unique and whimsical pieces of art. The mix of the traditional designs with a contemporary effect became the celebration of the chromatic compositions. The deep hues poured over vintage Turkish and Persian rugs allow the original pattern to show through for a look that is at once vibrant and muted.













Colors blend, textures soften, and an infusion of depth is the end result. One of the advantages of using this distressing process is the level of control that is available. Fabricated distressing gives the rug maker and eventually the client the ability to choose whether they want to just kick start the aging process or add on 30 years to their rug. The end result is a one of a kind rug with its own unique character. You could send the rug out to a professional and have the rug over-dyed to create a perfect color match to your décor.

A Vintage 100% wool Oriental rug first goes through a gentle bleaching process to remove inbuilt colors before applying an overdye.

A natural dye commonly made from natural products such as vegetables or flowers is used to acid wash and also citric wash the entire surface of the vintage hand knotted rug.

The entire vintage carpet is finally washed by hand to “set” the vibrant color.

Finally a drying process is carefully applied—most often the rugs are dried in the temperature control room , to ensure that the colors are set permanently so that the finished overdyed rug will remain beautiful for years.

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